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Retail and consumer goods industries have experienced extensive disruption over the past decade that continues to accelerate as consumers have more options and supply chains become increasingly flexible.  Retailers are challenged to determine what kinds of customer experiences to offer, the changes needed in their supply chain network, and the right mix of technology to help them compete. 

Our strategic consulting services connect the supply chain strategy to the overall client business strategy to ensure alignment between business objectives and supply chain capabilities.  We help our clients evaluate cross channel strategies like Buy Online-Pickup In Store, Buy Online-Return In Store, or Buy Online-Ship From Store; determine the right software solutions to enable new supply chain capabilities; or analyzing their distribution network to support better service levels or efficiency.

These critical services provide the foundation to enable the implementation of your omni-channel transformation.

Omni-Channel Strategy

SCApath’s industry experts work with your teams to develop a go-forward strategy to enable unified commerce for your customers. Our strategic consulting services methodology starts with initial groundwork and outlining the steps and resources necessary to achieve your organization’s objectives. First, we identify opportunity areas, map to desired future-state processes, and ultimately develop a business case justification to begin a roadmap for success. Later, we dive deeper into business case documentation and implementation techniques and best practices.

Our Strategic Consulting services include:

  • Industry Analysis
  • Define Key Capabilities Necessary
  • Risk Assessment
  • Resource Assessment (Budget & Operations)

With our proven methodologies and partnering with your teams, you have a blueprint for executing your omni-channel transformation. Our assessment and strategic consulting documents provide a clear and detailed view around cost, sequence and timeline. In addition, we walk through risk mitigation and ways to protect your investment with an understanding of the benefits to achieve your goals.

Omni-Channel Capabilities Assessment

Knowing where you need to go and how fast it will take to get there all starts with understanding where you are currently. Our Capabilities Assessment is a 200-question structured assessment across all facets of your integration landscape and physical entities to understand key enablers and the main barriers to your success. Once completed, you and your leadership team will gain a holistic view of what it takes to execute your omni-channel strategy including the required capital investments and the organizational changes necessary to execute against your omni-channel strategy.

Our Capabilities Assessment services include:

  • Stakeholder Analysis 
  • Process Assessment (within store, call-center and corporate facilities)
  • High-Level Review of System Architecture
  • Fulfillment Capabilities Assessment
  • Omni-channel KPI/Reporting Capabilities Assessment
  • Industry Benchmarks Assessment

The value in an omni-channel assessment is to recognize your current capabilities, determine where you need to be relative to benchmarks, and understand the steps necessary to bridge the gap. We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis and recommendations on how to achieve your omni-channel strategy.

Business Case Development

Building a business case for new capabilities is critical to the funding and budgeting of a proposed project, but without an experienced viewpoint on what benefits to expect it may be hard to arrive at the most accurate picture of ROI for your initiatives. Since the program will be justified on the return, it’s imperative the analysis is thorough, realistic and based on industry statistics. 

Our Business Case Development Services include:

  • Definition of business value/drivers 
  • Develop a list of Alternative Solution 
  • For each alternative, provide impact and benefit analysis
  • Recommendation on Preferred Solution
  • Define the implementation approach
  • Quantify the ROI / ROA and breakeven points

Understanding the business problems and all the indirect and direct consequences is critical to developing a clear and actionable business plan to implement the solution. Leveraging SCApath’s hands-on experience helps you develop a realistic and robust plan, leading to reduced risk and more transparency on total cost and benefits.

Software Evaluation & Selection

Selecting best-of-breed software can be a daunting task, especially when you have not yet worked with the software vendors or have insight on what the systems are fully capable of. Our team comes from a systems implementation perspective, having worked inside many of the leading supply chain software retailers. We work with your leadership team to align on selection criteria, build a selection plan, evaluate the vendors and advise on the final decision.

Our Software Evaluation & Selection services include:

  • Develop Evaluation Criteria
  • Create Demo Script / Scenarios
  • Manage reference process for SW Vendors references
  • Contract Negotiation

Investing in advisory services for selection pays dividends during implementation. An unbiased consulting partner, with hands-on experience, ensures you get a rationale and realistic viewpoint of your software investment. Our decades of experience, working with the major vendors, gives us insight into not just the software capabilities, but more importantly the culture-fit of the vendor to your organization.

Supply Chain Network Strategy

Inefficient networks lead to increased spend in carrying-cost, transportation cost and more importantly sacrifice service to the end-consumer. 

Your inventory at-rest and in-motion from suppliers and between nodes must balance the constantly changing consumer demand. That balance makes a network design and strategy critical to keeping   competitive advantage and financial profitability.  Our network strategy experts work side-by-side with you, providing the below services:

Our Supply Chain Network Strategy Services include:

  • Creating a strategic distribution network model
  • Creating a baseline model along with alternative scenarios
  • For each alternative, show each respective cash-flow model 
  • Assessment of current labor capacity shortfalls and overages
  • A summary investment of capital investment requirements
  • Through modeling software, calculate the optimal geographical location, timing, and sizing of new facilities
  • Transportation Network Analysis – Transport Mode, Freight Optimization & Speed to Market
  • Outsourcing (3rd Party Logistic Provider) Analysis
  • Product Sourcing Analysis

When done correctly, a thorough analysis gives you an advantage over others in your industry, reduces costs in labor, increases inventory-turn, improves speed to the customer and leverages all of your prior investments in process and technology. 

DC Design and Optimization

Our experts have developed a data-driven and integrated approach to create a new warehouse design or optimize an existing distribution center. 

Through our methodology, we assess key data inputs for forecasted demand, facility and equipment capacity, labor cost, and the type and frequency of inbound and outbound processing. Using the current productivity information along with the previously mentioned data, we create a number of solution alternatives for the layout and processes within the four-walls.

Our DC Design and Optimization services include:

  • Discovery & Current Process Mapping
  • Process-Driven Labor Model
  • AutoCAD Visuals
  • Material Handling Design
  • Slotting Analysis + Optimization
  • WMS + LMS Assessment

After the assessment and, we provide you and your team with estimated savings, by functional area within the DC, accompanied by suggested initiatives to streamline the processes and get your facility operating at it’s highest potential.

Whether it’s increasing throughput, reducing labor costs or expanding to accommodate a dynamic business, SCApath’s proven tools and processes have solved many of the problems in the distribution space.

Process Re-Engineering

To keep your Distribution Center, Store Operations and Call-Center teams operating at their peak state, it’s important to take an audit of the current processes, highlight opportunities to streamline and implement the necessary adjustments to keep your workforce focused and efficient. 

SCApath offers experienced team members that create a plan for you to identify, correct, and optimize internal processes. 

Our Process Re-Engineering services include:

  • Review and Document Current Fulfillment Processes (DC, Store Ship/Pickup/Return)
  • Assessment of Current Supporting Technology
  • Highlight Process Opportunity Areas, with value/impact analysis
  • Process Enhancement Recommendations with estimated impact
  • Define Change-Management Approach 
  • Auxiliary Process Recommendations (e.g. hardware, building layout)

Staying competitive in an Omni-Channel world means that retailers are constantly looking to streamline their internal processes and deliver goods and information quicker to the end-consumer. Sub-optimal processes cause time and wasted capital, impacting the customer and lowering lifetime value. Through SCApath’s Process Re-Engineering Assessment, you’ll gain visibility to all process, technology and human-capital modifications necessary to keep your fulfillment operations in the DC, call-center, and stores running as smoothly as possible. 

Program Charter / Roadmap

After the creation of the business plan, which supports the overall Omni-channel strategy, the next steps of creating a roadmap and program charter are critical to defining specifically what is being changed, how it’s going to be implemented, what outcomes to expect and when the changes are to occur. 

Our Program Charter & Roadmapping services include:

  • Define Current Capabilities
  • Define the Future-State
  • GAP Analysis
  • Solution Alternatives
  • ROI Analysis
  • Business Solution Roadmap
  • Budgeting
  • RACI Resource Planning
  • Strategic Phasing
  • Change Management Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Contingency Planning
  • Project Governance

Whether it is a modernization of your distribution and order management platform or a multi-phase program to enable key omni-channel capabilities, we deliver a right-sized and value-based charter to base your implementation on, incorporating all of the below sections into a charter. 

We help clients achieve their financial goals through well-defined solutions that are aligned to business objectives from inception.

Change Management Strategy

Change management is a process that helps ease into an organizational transition. It focuses on the people side of change and helps employees to understand, commit to, accept, and embrace changes in their current business environment. SCApath understands that keeping employees informed from the start helps smooth the transition and shorten the time. When employees are more engaged, the transition can happen more quickly and ultimately save your organization time and resources.

Our Change Management Strategy services include:

  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Change Impact Matrix
  • Change Management Project Plan 
  • Change Management Strategy & Implementation Plan
  • Internal Communications Plans
  • External Communications Plans

Ingrained in each step of our methodology are checkpoints and assessments supporting organizational change.  Therefore, we recommend a change management strategy be created, circulated and bought into prior to any implementation planning, to ensure the right change mechanisms are in place to enable the people in addition to process and technology. 

Reporting and Analytics Strategy

Clear visibility into how your omni-channel operations are performing is crucial to understanding the success of the project and identifying areas of improvement. Leading Retailers have the proper mix of dashboards, real-time exception alerts and trend-analysis reports. More importantly, they understand how to gain insights from the investment in reporting.

Specific to store-fulfillment capabilities like BOPIS, BORIS and BOSS, the “newness” of the metrics and broader impacts leaves some in-house BI teams lacking the necessary expertise to effectively create and implement a robust reporting strategy. 

Our Reporting & Analytics Strategy services include:

  • Reporting Strategy Documentation
  • Dashboard Design and Implementation
  • Reporting Governance
  • Exception Reporting Assessment
  • Report Development
  • Guidance/Advisory on Gaining Insight from Reports Created

Our teams fill the knowledge gap and develop your team’s capabilities to create, monitor and get insights through an easy to understand the real-time reporting framework. By developing a reporting strategy, rationalizing the mix of dashboards, alerts and ad-hoc reports necessary you’ll have an end to end view of your entire operations.

How It Works

Here is our methodology to ensure the success of your omni-channel business solution.

Business Case & Roadmap

Key Services Delivered:

  • Define Current Capabilities
  • Define the Future State
  • GAP Analysis
  • Solution Alternatives
  • ROI Analysis
  • Business Solution Roadmap

Requirements & System Selection

Key Services Delivered:

  • Solution Requirements
  • Key Business Scenarios
  • RFI/RFP Demos
  • References
  • Contract Negotiation
  • System Selection

Project Roadmap Creation

Key Services Delivered:

  • Budgeting
  • RACI Resource Planning
  • Phasing
  • Change Mgmt Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Contingency Planning
  • Project Governance

Solution Implementation

Key Services Delivered:

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Environment Build/Configuration
  • Application Testing
  • Integrated Testing
  • Operations Testing
  • Training
  • Conversion
  • Support

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