Learn how Peloton fuels unprecedented growth,
despite the perfect storm

Peloton is the largest interactive fitness platform in the world, with a loyal community of more than 3.6 million members. They pioneered connected, technology-enabled fitness and the streaming of immersive, instructor-led boutique classes for Peloton members anytime, anywhere.

Our case study details Peloton’s rise to the top as a leading brand of connected fitness and how during the pandemic, the demand for at-home solutions created the perfect storm.

SCApath was Peloton’s chosen supply chain technology consulting partner, helping them achieve 5 strategic objectives in record time:

  • Design + Deploy Integrated WMS Solution
  • Develop a Playbook for Distribution Network Rollout
  • Train all Peloton users/staff
  • Transfer Solution Knowledge to Peloton Team
  • Ensure WMS is ‘Best Fit’ for Distribution Operations

Achieve supply chain agility
with the experts

SCApath is a leader in identifying, designing, and implementing supply chain solutions that enable omnichannel commerce. Our deep expertise connects supply chain strategy with the technology – OMS, WMS, & TMS – required to deliver a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.

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