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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1478813052826{margin-bottom: 43px !important;}”]SCApath omnichannel technology experts have successfully implemented Manhattan Associates and IBM OMS solutions for over a decade. Working with retailers like Under Armour, Michael Kors, and Express, we have pioneered industry leading omnichannel supply chain capabilities.

However, omnichannel solutions are complex, risky, and have many unintended consequences across your IT Landscape.

To help spot weaknesses in your omnichannel architecture, SCApath experts can meet with your team to evaluate:

How will you manage inventory inaccuracies to ensure Orders meet expected delivery dates, while being fulfilled from the fewest number of locations?

How will you ensure your webstore and order management and store systems communicate in real-time to ensure no Orders are accepted which cannot meet their fulfillment dates, due to message latency?

What will be your design for handling order maintenance exception scenarios through automation (bots, workflows) to reduce the amount of “touches” your customer care centers have on the Orders?

What will be the process to appease customers and what impact do those actions by the care center have on Financial reconciliation systems?

How will you plan the conversion from previous to new Commerce systems (website/OMS..etc) to minimize risk by not add to project cost?

What integrations will be necessary to ensure fluidity in the customer’s experience as your technology/systems evolve throughout a phase roll-out?

How will you define the “Omnichannel Customer” and track all transactions both out of (sales) and back into (returns) AND more importantly, how will you expose that transaction history to the customer and company employees to increase sales?

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This short 20 min assessment will evaluate your current omnichannel supply chain capabilities and identify areas that need to be developed in order to reach mature cross-channel optimization.
You will receive an omnichannel maturity scorecard report that shows your organizational capability level across the following spectrum of functional areas:
– Industry and Sales Channels
– Product Capabilities
– Inventory Capabilities
– Customer Experience
– Order and Fulfillment Capabilities
– Organizational Governance
– Information Management
– Operations


Click here to start your free self-assessment.

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