Omni-Channel & Order Management

Omnichannel Customer Service

Omnichannel payment flows are complex and very nuianced.

To support split shipments alone takes the ability to split authorize and settle on the way out the door, and the flows are further complicated by advanced returns and exchanges scenarios, especially when promotions and historic pricing are involved.

The SCApath can help you navigate the technical complexities of Omnichannel Payment, which first starts by understanding the business processes your customers expect.

Here’s how we can help:
Type of ServicesHow we can help
Strategic Consulting Services
  • Payment Device Strategy
Implementation Services
  • Payment Integration Design
  • Workflow Setup / Pipe-Line Setup
Technical Services
  • Payment Adapters from OMS to Payment Portal
  • Translation/Transformation (XSL) Creation
  • Develop Custom user-exits

How It Works

Here is our methodology to ensure the success of your omni-channel business solution.

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