Omni-Channel & Order Management

Major Software & Operating Capabilities

Core to powering Omni-Channel Commerce is a centralized system for ensuring the ideal order is executed. Below are key modules that support the entire order lifecycle.

Other Solutions

Challenges Driving Capabilities

  • Omni-Channel Payment – Ensuring systems are compliant and secure to protect sensitive payment information.
  • Processing Time – Added ‘friction’ if the payment authorization and settlement takes too long.
  • Financial Posting – Ensuring the right channel gets credited for the sale and ledger balance of inventory.
  • Customer History – Not all OMS solutions are built to give customer service reps and store associates a full view of a customer across channels.
  • Customer Preferences – Retailers struggle with aggregating and making sense of all the consumer data points in the Order Management System.
  • Timing – Too soon and you potentially allocate to wrong location, too late and risk missed SLA to customer if goods aren’t actually in a shippable state.
  • Optimized Picking and Packing – Over engineering the picking sequence in the OMS sometimes yields marginal time increases but enforces too much rigidity to retailer, especially where planograms / floor-sets often change.
  • Generic Labor Capacity Settings – Not all stores should have same labor capacity, and the operations team responsible for setting these can waste substantial time and energy keeping up with configurations if too many different classifications of store capacity is coupled with poor OMS system design for configuring in-mass.
  • Order-Routing Engine – Too many rules and complex routing logic slows down OMS system performance.
  • Complex Routing Engines – Cost-based solutions, while beneficial, both rely on substantial amount of data, but more importantly assumes that the data is accurate and is kept current.
  • Inventory Protection Strategy – The challenge with designing an all encompassing setup, regardless of SKU category or the location of the inventory, is how to balance the overhead of feeds/configurations within OMS that manages millions of SKU + location relationships with the desire to optimize sales and avoid order issues.
  • “Real-Time” Inventory – Core to OMS is the ability to track and promise available inventory, but this is only reliable as the inventory is accurate and kept current. Many retailers struggle to keep the inventory positions across DCs, Stores and extended suppliers (drop-ship) aggregated and fed to requesting systems in real-time.
  • Systems Integration – From a technical standpoint, the returns and exchanges process is often poorly designed, leading to disconnected systems with differing and sometimes inaccurate views of the returned status, if tracked at all.
  • Returned Inventory Visibility – Oftentimes, returned inventory is either immediately added back (when it should not be) or not added back until long after it should have been. The challenge most retailers have is positioning the returned inventory in real-time and deciding whether or not to make it available again (for the website), damage out, ship back to vendor or so sell at a discount.


How It Works

Here is our methodology to ensure the success of your omni-channel business solution.

Business Case & Roadmap

Key Services Delivered:

  • Define Current Capabilities
  • Define the Future State
  • GAP Analysis
  • Solution Alternatives
  • ROI Analysis
  • Business Solution Roadmap

Requirements & System Selection

Key Services Delivered:

  • Solution Requirements
  • Key Business Scenarios
  • RFI/RFP Demos
  • References
  • Contract Negotiation
  • System Selection

Project Roadmap Creation

Key Services Delivered:

  • Budgeting
  • RACI Resource Planning
  • Phasing
  • Change Mgmt Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Contingency Planning
  • Project Governance

Solution Implementation

Key Services Delivered:

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Environment Build/Configuration
  • Application Testing
  • Integrated Testing
  • Operations Testing
  • Training
  • Conversion
  • Support

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