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DC to Store for Pickup is yet another tool in leading retailers arsenal that keeps customers delighted and returning, but shipping costs become a major consideration for this process. Unlike any of the other flows, the goods start in a different source than where the customer receives them.

The Ship From DC-To-Store For Pickup Process

The Benefits

Retailers who implement ship-to-store from DC flows see:

  • Reduction in “free shipping” cost done on behalf of customer, when goods not in store
  • Optimized cubing of material in parcel delivery to store during replenishments
  • Increases to foot-traffic to drive add-on sales
  • Reduction in transportation cost.
  • Maintains retail inventory already in store and minimizes disruption to stock placed specifically for retail
Customers Pickup Order Within 24 Hrs
Net Increase in Sales After BOPIS
Up-Sell at Stores on Pickup

The Preparation

Each of the four sections below are preparation areas to consider before starting your project. Hover over each line item to get more details and validating questions.

Research & Requirements

  • Network Design and Study
  • Estimating Capital Cost
  • Ensuring Visibility to Performance

System Design & Implementation

  • Confirming Picking and Packing Solution
  • Allocation Strategy
  • Timing of Allocation/Sourcing Jobs

Project Planning

  • Predecessor Projects
  • Project Staffing

Change Management Considerations

  • Forecasting and Replenishment Impacts
  • Store Operations Impacts

The Challenges

Supply Chain Considerations


  • When LTL replenishment, space limitations may vary
  • Less frequent replishment trucks can extend customer SLA
  • Flowing all data across supply chain systems to enable customer experience


  • End to end solution architecture across all systems
  • Evaluation of change-impact to both WMS and OMS from systems perspective
  • Change-impact to distribution center for process changes
  • Ability to move inventory across channels in an ‘omni-DC’

Client Facing


  • If no payment captured up-front, client could no-show for the pickup, leaving inventory in store
  • Client returns back to pickup location may not have planogram space and have to therefore be discounted to move (if larger items)
  • Items could be damaged during shipment, and either delay delivery to client or customer takes receipt only to find out it’s damaged
  • Like BOPIS, for larger items, where those are staged in store to be picked up (sometimes ship to store flow occurs because larger dimension items aren’t stocked well in stores).


  • Hold times for customer pickup
  • When the settlement occurs (ship or pickup)
  • Where to stage order in stores for pickup
  • Overall in e-comm exclusive and store exclusive SKUs

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The Ship From DC-To-Store For Pickup Insights

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How It Works

Here is our methodology to ensure the success of your omni-channel business solution.

Business Case & Roadmap

Key Services Delivered:

  • Define Current Capabilities
  • Define the Future State
  • GAP Analysis
  • Solution Alternatives
  • ROI Analysis
  • Business Solution Roadmap

Requirements & System Selection

Key Services Delivered:

  • Solution Requirements
  • Key Business Scenarios
  • RFI/RFP Demos
  • References
  • Contract Negotiation
  • System Selection

Project Roadmap Creation

Key Services Delivered:

  • Budgeting
  • RACI Resource Planning
  • Phasing
  • Change Mgmt Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Contingency Planning
  • Project Governance

Solution Implementation

Key Services Delivered:

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Environment Build/Configuration
  • Application Testing
  • Integrated Testing
  • Operations Testing
  • Training
  • Conversion
  • Support

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