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The Buy Online, Pickup In Store  (BOPIS) use case, also known as “Click and Collect,” allows consumers to order from a digital device with same-day or pickup later options. Consumers now expect to order from any device, anytime and pickup when they want.

The Buy Online, Pickup In Store Process

The Benefits

Retailers who implement Buy Online, Pickup In Store experience:

  • Higher foot traffic leading to increased add-on sales.
  • Greater utilization of store associates.
  • Increase in store inventory turns.
  • Increase in inventory accuracy.
  • Increase in online conversion rates.
Customers Pickup Order Within 24 Hrs
Net Increase in Sales After BOPIS
Up-Sell at Stores on Pickup

The Preparation

Each of the four sections below are preparation areas to consider before starting your project. Hover over each line item to get more details and validating questions.

Research & Requirements

  • Complete a Compeitive Analysis
  • Understanding Timing of the Project
  • Getting Organized for Requirements Sessions

System Design & Implementation

  • Confirming Picking / Pickup System
  • Validating Customer Interactions
  • How ‘Real-Time’ Does Integration Need to Be?

Project Planning

  • Building a foundation of good data
  • Understanding Project Dependencies

Change Management Considerations

  • Corporate Governance of the Solutions
  • Impacts to the Store Associates in the Field

The Challenges

Inventory Related


  • Inventory is missing or misplaced in store
  • Inventory is damaged or not in sellable state
  • Inventory is received, but not in pickable state


  • Inventory Protection Levels
  • Timing of Making Inv. Available
  • Historic Damage / Shrink Rates
  • Lifecycle of Products for Eligibility Rules

Store Associate Related


  • No notifications of new/aging orders
  • Sub-optimal picking process
  • Mis-picks (color/size differences)
  • Slow picking process because layout knowledge


  • Frequent (digital) Associate Training
  • Store Picking Process
  • OMS Validation of Picking
  • Corporate Governance via Reports

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The Buy Online, Pickup In Store Insights

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How It Works

Here is our methodology to ensure the success of your omni-channel business solution.

Business Case & Roadmap

Key Services Delivered:

  • Define Current Capabilities
  • Define the Future State
  • GAP Analysis
  • Solution Alternatives
  • ROI Analysis
  • Business Solution Roadmap

Requirements & System Selection

Key Services Delivered:

  • Solution Requirements
  • Key Business Scenarios
  • RFI/RFP Demos
  • References
  • Contract Negotiation
  • System Selection

Project Roadmap Creation

Key Services Delivered:

  • Budgeting
  • RACI Resource Planning
  • Phasing
  • Change Mgmt Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Contingency Planning
  • Project Governance

Solution Implementation

Key Services Delivered:

  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Design
  • Integration
  • Environment Build/Configuration
  • Application Testing
  • Integrated Testing
  • Operations Testing
  • Training
  • Conversion
  • Support

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