How do Enterprise Order Management Systems drive Omni-Channel commerce?

 SCApath works with the most advanced EOMS technology solutions in the marketplace as well as more streamline solutions to meet each company’s unique supply chain needs.


nterprise Order Management Systems (EOMS) allow Omni-Channel consumer goods companies to optimize their business by aggregating inventory across all channels and sourcing the order for the least cost and right service level.  EOMs allow maximum choice to the customer by increasing the availability of inventory as well as enabling a buy anywhere, ship from anywhere, receive anywhere, return anywhere work flow.

Today’s EOMs have evolved beyond just order orchestration to full multi-channel commerce execution platforms that also enable store pickup, store returns, call center operations, and global inventory visibility.  Here are some of the EOMS capabilities we enable that help drive the customer centric supply chain:

EOMS Technology Capabilities:

  • Aggregates, manages and monitors orders from all channels
  • Provides a single order repository to modify, cancel, track and monitor the order life-cycle in real-time
  • Provides visibility of inventory and orders across all internal and external locations
  • Provides real-time, global available-to-promise dates
  • Dynamically schedules product deliveries and associated services at time of sale based on the type of order and resource availability
  • Call Center payment processing life-cycle management including authorization, re-authorization, settlement and fraud management
  • Orchestrate merge in-transit for single delivery to customer
  • Provide in store processing including pack, rate and ship for customer shipments or store-to-store transfersIn-Store, Online, Mobile, Call Center, & Social Path to Purchase

Omni-Channel Implications:

  • Ability to see store-level inventory enables flexible fulfillment options, specifically Buy Online Pickup In-Store
  • Cross-Channel Order-History shows complete history across channels, which allows easy returns options, regardless of where product was sold
  • The Allocation engine in EOMS gives customers a firm date that the retailer can commit to delivering the goods to them
  • With central view of customer, the store associate can see all cross-channel orders, and give personalized promotions to the customer or cross/up-sell if they come in with an exchange
  • A connected call center can have the CSR (customer service representative) take over control of an e-commerce cart, and bring the sale to closure to avoid cart abandonment
  • CSRs that can see store-level inventory from their console can help navigate the customer to the appropriate store to facilitate the order via In-Store pickup
How it works
Here is our methodology to ensure the success of your omni-channel business solution.
01/ Business Case & Roadmap

Key Services Delivered: Define Current Capabilities, Define the Future State, GAP Analysis, Solution Alternatives, ROI Analysis, Business Solution Roadmap

02/ Requirements & System Selection

Key Services Delivered: Solution Requirements, Key Business Scenarios, RFI/RFP Demos, References, Contract Negotiation, System Selection

03/ Project Roadmap

Key Services Delivered: Budgeting, RACI Resource Planning, Phasing, Change Mgmt Planning, Risk Assessment, Contingency Planning, Project Governance

04/ Solution Implementation

Key Services Delivered: Project Management, Change Management, Design, Integration, Environment Build/Configuration, Application Testing, Integrated Testing, Operations Testing, Training, Conversion, and Support

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SCApath has demonstrated a deep application expertise with a focus on effective and quality-driven results achieved through a shared collaborative work style with the customer team. Their efforts have led to a steady operating state post-go-live with our supply chain systems, improved throughput in our distribution operations, and overall initiative cost reduction. I strongly recommend considering SCApath for your supply chain transformation needs.
Ed Wong - COO Charlotte Russe

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Omni-Channel By the Numbers
How Omni-Channel requirements are driving supply chain transformation.

Customer Experience

90% of customers expect a seamless experience from retailers across all purchasing channels

Increase Revenue

Companies with omni-channel customer engagement see a 10% year-over-year increase in annual revenue.

Buy Online, Pick-up in Store

50% of Consumers Expect to Buy Online and Be Able Pick Up In-Store

Customer Retention

Retailers with extremely strong omni-channel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers