We were asked to speak recently at Retail Value Chain Federation’s (RVCF) annual spring conference on the topic of “Store Fulfillment: Top Five Common Pitfalls, and how to avoid them”.

The session was attended by Lord & Taylor, Big Lots, J.C. Penney and Burlington Stores, to name a few.

As the hour-long conversation concluded, one thing was clear: There’s a lot to consider, both systems, process, and people to enable true “Omni-channel”, of which cross-channel fulfillment plays a huge role.

Below are the top five topics from the presentation, but the details of what to avoid and how to mitigate them is in the actual presentation.

  1. Organizational alignment
  2. Inconsistent Packaging & Materials Misses
  3. Inventory Protection Strategy
  4. Store Incentives (critical)
  5. Rigid Implementation Methodology

Click here to get a copy of the presentation.