Omnichannel initiatives over the last five years have seen a dramatic uptick in the number of store fulfillment projects to fuel cross-channel commerce. This was apparent at Aptos’ annual user conference in Florida during the last week of April, as many of their legacy POS client-base announced new initiatives to enable store inventory to increase sales and serve customers faster by adopting their cloud-based Enterprise Order Management (EOM) application to enable true Omni-channel capabilities.

During one of the final presentations on Wednesday, SCApath shared with Aptos attendees our “3C” methodology on how to get Store Fulfillment projects organized, designed and implemented successfully.

In a rush to make it to the finish line, some retailers are cutting corners when implementing store fulfillment projects, and the impact to taking that risk could potentially impact retailers in the worst way possible — an unfilled promise to a customer. With all the benefits store fulfillment brings to customers, some often miss the mark due to a lack of planning and analysis that is paramount to the project’s success.

At its core, the presentation talked about how to determine which products to Choose to publish, how to Calculate protection levels and balance those against potential lost sales, and what other OMS Considerations to make when executing the strategy.

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