Innovation in transportation remains a key driver in the growth of eCommerce and Omni-Channel companies. Recent shifts have been focused on providing transportation and distribution services for small to medium sized companies.  The latest player to enter this market is FedEx using the services of Genco, which they acquired in 2014.  TMS Software providers are looking to capitalize on this market segment as well.  This small to mid-size market has gone without TMS software for years due to the costs to purchase and implement but with the new flurry of cloud based TMS providers this is no longer an issue.  These new cloud TMS providers offer quick implementation (weeks vs. months) and an affordable monthly service fee.  Below are a few links to some DC Velocity articles where I commented on these two topics.




Visibility is a key focus for omni-channel and retail companies.  Knowing the location of your inventory, whether in-transit or at rest in a distribution center or store, is critical to save a sale.  Today’s retail clients are very demanding and have extremely high expectations – The Amazon Prime effect.  To address the visibility challenges of in-transit goods providers are expanding their capabilities utilizing telematics and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.  These technologies do not require any human interaction and help protect against theft.  While these technologies are not new they have improved greatly over the last few years and have hit an affordable price point.  The two articles below discuss some recent entries into this market.