The last five years has seen a proliferation of leading retailers prioritizing store fulfillment initiatives such as pickup-in-store (BOPIS) and ship-from-store (BOSS). These two fulfillment models have gained traction recently as part of a broader Omnichannel roadmap to make a seamless experience for their customers between the website and physical stores.
Unfortunately,  in a hurry to offer this capability to their customers, some companies have misstepped and approached these projects without a fully-baked plan. Mistakes range from not protecting enough inventory at the stores to over-engineering the Order Routing rules in the Order Management System, leading to numerous ‘order splits’ across numerous facilities. The latter is one of the most common pitfalls we see after joining a project which is already underway.
SCApath OMNICHANNEL practice lead, Zach Zalowitz, spent some time with Ben Ames of DC Velocity to talk through ways to keep Omnichannel profitable in the age-of-Amazon.
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