We’ve all experienced this common BS reason when implementing any number of systems: Vendor Sales-Team isn’t completely honest / didn’t completely understand our requirements in Sales Cycle.

This happens for a number of reasons:

  • Sales Engineer was not pressed to provide previous client examples of the feature-function
  • Sales Team communicated a functionality or concept, but for a previous client of theirs that was not in similar industry, or of a similar size
  • Sales Team adequately explained functionality for one function, but the function that was actually needed was only discovered after the sales process (during design) and was not vetted before designing
  • During the sales process, the right people within the organization were not represented, and therefore did not get to provide their feedback into the decision process
  • The software vendor provided a list of ‘out of box’ integrations, but did not elaborate in detail on compatibility or versioning, for fear it would lose their leverage in the sale of the product
  • A third-part-implementer made promises of ability to design or integrate to a specific set of systems, but when the “hood was pulled up” there were complexities with integration which were unforseen, because to a lack of due-diligence in sales process


As you can see above, there are numerous reasons why expectations during the sales process were not met, resulting in additional scope, project cost and timeline push.