I am extremely excited to be merging the resources of my company, New Course LLC, with the seasoned professionals at SCApath. They are expert supply chain consultants from top to bottom, who deliver efficient implementations of supply chain solutions for omni-channel clients across North America.  And it’s a pleasure to team up with an industry veteran like Evan McCaig and his management team, who has built a brand known in the industry for impeccable customer service, as well as high value, strategic implementations.

Since New Course specializes in consulting engagements related to Supply Chain Execution (SCE) projects, with an emphasis on Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) and SAP WM and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), we are a perfect complement to the SCApath portfolio of capabilities. Given SCApath’s supply chain operational solutions for omni-channel clients such as L Brands, Carter’s, and Starbucks, they match the New Course “sweet spot” of clientele.   

Moreover, the blend of SCApath and New Course expertise, as it relates to a go-to-market strategy, is unique to the consulting and implementation marketplace. The vision for the combined management team at SCApath is to leverage the existing sales and market talent so SCApath will be in a position to achieve significant growth over the next few years. This growth includes acquiring companies with complementary services, as well as leveraging relationships with software vendors and material handling companies to increase exposure to target markets that supports organic growth.

The current consulting and implementation market is heavily loaded with small, undercapitalized firms that focus on only a fragment of supply chain or omni-channel consulting services, with no clear leader in the space. Many of these firms possess extremely talented subject matter experts that provide a much needed service to clients, but these firms don’t have the “bench strength” necessary to expand their capabilities beyond a small number of employees and a few projects per year.  Conversely, most larger firms “dabble” in this market, but they lack the subject matter expertise to capitalize on the market opportunity.  Our approach will be to steadily grow SCApath’s revenue and employee base while working collaboratively with these smaller firms to acquire some and work side by side with others. It’s a “win-win” scenario for them, SCApath and our customers.

Our goal is to build SCApath into the preeminent provider of supply chain consulting and implementation services for omni-channel and fast-growing retail clients. We’d like to be the omni-channel go-to-market leader by 2018. A lofty, but achievable goal. We have the horsepower, energy and expertise to make it happen. Now, I’ve got to get back to work, we’ve got customers to serve…

Read our press release announcing the acquisition.

John Sidell
Managing Principal