There are many things to consider when evaluating a new implementation or upgrade of Manhattan WMOS on SCOPE (more detail..) .  What we have seen with our larger WMOS platform implementations at Starbucks and Carter’s for example is steady improvement in WMOS functional and technical stability.  And while much of the functionality in previous versions remains the same, there are large changes ‘under the hood’ significantly impacting implementation.  Because this latest version of WMOS offers considerably more flexibility along with significant architectural and interface changes, implementing (whether new or upgrade) requires careful consideration. There is a lot of ‘noise’ out there about the new platform: its benefits, challenges and the best way to proceed.  What we can provide is a fact based assessment based on working with classic and platform helping to decide what is real, what’s important, and what’s overblown. A few points to consider include:

    • What are the recommended approaches to ensure quality and timely deliveries from the software vendor?
    • What level of impact will there be to super-users, end-users, and support staff?
    • How do we measure and manage the implementation risk and expected benefit?
    • What is a highly predicable project timeline for my implementation?
    • What types of changes should be expected to the application environment, hardware, and integration points?
    • What is the recommended approach to testing the latest platform WMOS version?
    • How do we begin to leverage new WMOS functionality in my facility?

To help ensure you’re considering some of the more important aspects of WMOS implementation, we have developed a short online WMOS readiness assessment that provides benchmarks across 6 critical preparedness areas. To take a short WMOS readiness diagnostic, click here .  Our customers have found this helpful in planning and avoiding the “big miss” in their implementation. Online WMOS Readiness Assessment Key Evaluation Areas:

    • IT Environment Health
    • Functional Footprint
    • Technology Roadmap
    • DC Operations Performance
    • Organizational Capacity
    • Cross Channel Roadmap